The Hyper Voice #31 - Unlocking Some Respect

April 25, 2017

Randy Kwa joins us to discuss the Japan Cup and sportsmanship in the game. While you may not realize it, your actions at tournaments are always being closely monitored, so be on your best behavior. Finally, secrets are revealed about 2011 US Nationals during a brief roar of time segment.

  • 00:00 Japan Cup
  • 06:47 Sportsmanship
  • 11:30 Handshakes & Respect
  • 30:33 Good Luck, Talking, Headphones
  • 42:24 Latin America International
  • 46:09 2011 Roar of Time

The Hyper Voice #30 - Duck Hunt

April 15, 2017

Joshua Lorcy and Grant Weldon are here to discuss the Salt Lake City Regional and various aspects about the circuit's structure. Getting ready for a major tournament can be stressful, so we also provide some insight into how to approach preparation in Pokemon.

  • 00:00 Salt Lake City Regional
  • 18:05 Tournament Structure
  • 25:55 Season Structure
  • 41:34 Preparation

The Hyper Voice #29 - Survival of the Fattest

April 7, 2017

Leonard Craft III joins the show to share his extensive knowledge about effort values, a crucial element in competitive Pokemon. We talk about speed as well as setting offensive and defensive goals for your EV spreads, which can all prove vital to your success. Finally, we close with the metagame and answer your questions.

  • 00:00 Effort Values
  • 18:08 Speed Control
  • 28:10 Staying Alive
  • 45:25 Metagame
  • 58:48 Questions

The Hyper Voice #28 - Frost Breath of the Wild

April 1, 2017

Hey! Listen! Can you think of any link between Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda? In this episode, we venture off on an epic side quest to solve this puzzle. Our answer is to just go run around and soar above the rest without trying to scrub out.

  • 00:00 Old Games
  • 26:45 New Games
  • 38:06 Bewear Spoilers

The Hyper Voice #27 - Fright Fights

March 30, 2017

Hayden McTavish joins the cast this week to discuss announcements regarding upcoming events as well as several tournaments that were held over the last few weeks. We finally cover the Oceania International and remind ourselves about some valuable lessons in our efforts to become Pokemon masters.

  • 00:00 International Updates
  • 06:18 Australia
  • 17:21 Sao Paulo Challenge
  • 26:04 Sweden
  • 31:34 Battle Road Gloria
  • 40:19 Argentina
  • 46:49 Lessons
  • 55:38 Oregon

The Hyper Voice #26 - Old Format Favorites

March 19, 2017

Surprise! We get to talk about our favorite Pokemon from previous VGC formats and share small glimpses about each one. Before zipping back-and-forth through time, we cover announcements about Latin America's International and Japan's Battle Competition qualifier series. In addition, we address concerns regarding problems the International Championships are facing.

  • 00:00 Oceania Coverage Sampler
  • 03:13 Latin America International
  • 12:01 Different Problems Everywhere
  • 18:45 Japan's Battle Competition
  • 30:47 Favorite Competitive Pokemon

The Hyper Voice #25 - Rodents Running Rampant

March 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch is here! Jon Hu returns to talk about the new console, experiences at the Collinsville Regional, and his Top 8 match against newly crowned Regional Champion Alex Underhill. There is also an International happening which we mostly forgot about, but that's okay.

  • 0:00:00 Nintendo Switch
  • 0:13:53 No International Stream
  • 0:23:03 Sheffield Regional
  • 0:31:33 Shocking Showdown
  • 0:50:39 Collinsville Regional
  • 1:05:39 Glitches & Draws

The Hyper Voice #24 - Midseason Showtime

March 2, 2017

Several major events are on the horizon. We cover a variety of topics after crossing the midway point of the season, including upcoming Regionals, their corresponding stream teams, and of course, the International in Australia. The pressure is on so prepare for your next big tournament.

  • 00:00 Post-ONOG Invitational
  • 11:47 Official Streams x2
  • 19:12 Sao Paulo Challenge
  • 22:30 Halfway There
  • 31:03 Pressure vs Fun
  • 37:00 Expectations
  • 50:43 Melbourne & Random Talk

The Hyper Voice #23 - Eeveelution’s the Solution

February 24, 2017

Giovanni Costa provides a boost to the show as we discuss the Anaheim Regional, the ONOG Invitational, and all sorts of fun things about the Internationals. On a related note, don't forget to have fun playing Pokemon! The CP Train is leaving the station so hop on for this week's episode.

  • 00:00 ONOG Invitational
  • 12:53 Travel Awards are Here
  • 21:13 All Aboard
  • 32:42 Fun with Eevee
  • 48:04 Anaheim Regional
  • 57:38 Big Summer Announcements

The Hyper Voice #22 - Desert Palace

February 9, 2017

Justin Crubaugh joins us on The Hyper Voice to talk about an Online Competition and a new resource in QR Code Teams. We also cover our recent MSS and the International happening in Melbourne in just a few short weeks.

  • 00:00 February's Online Competition
  • 09:03 QR Code Teams Available
  • 15:49 Illinois MSS
  • 36:56 Tournament Play
  • 44:11 Structure of Internationals