The Hyper Voice #37 - The Indianapolis 500

July 13, 2017

The race to Worlds is over! Collin Heier joins the show to recap the final laps of the long regular season! We start with Nationals in Japan and then mainly shift gears over to the North American International for a spectacular finish.

  • 00:00 Japan Nationals
  • 13:07 Escaping the Hole
  • 22:11 Weird Records
  • 36:09 Metagross & Smeargle
  • 42:11 Bring Snacks
  • 50:04 Sweeping Finals

The Hyper Voice #36 - Free of Charge

June 17, 2017

Gavin Michaels has come prepared and returns to the show fully charged! We're here to talk about the battery life of your systems, review the timeline of the metagame, and answer your questions. Don't worry, we also briefly mention the big Pokemon news delivered during the recent Pokemon Direct and E3 2017.

  • 0:00:00 Charging Issues
  • 0:09:38 Birmingham Regional
  • 0:26:04 Special Event
  • 0:30:18 Regional Review
  • 0:49:18 Questions
  • 1:03:11 Pokemon Direct & E3

The Hyper Voice #35 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

June 6, 2017

Chris Danzo and Danny Hemchand have arrived on the show only to find themselves locked in a basement! In this episode we cover the events and top performing teams at the recent Madison Regional. We then share key thoughts on the value of team building and testing in groups, as well as the landscape of Worlds' invitations.

  • 00:00 Madison Regional
  • 14:43 Madison's Top Teams
  • 37:11 Using the Same Team
  • 51:53 Shirt Issue
  • 55:07 North American Worlds Invitations

The Hyper Voice #34 - No Spain, No Gain

May 30, 2017

Alex Gomez makes his debut to talk about everything Europe. We discuss their International from back in December, their new CP Bar, and a Milan Special Event. We close with CP Standings in the European rating zone and more talk about locations for Worlds.

  • 00:00 Europe International
  • 09:05 Europe CP Bar
  • 14:00 Milan Special Event
  • 37:54 Europe CP Standings
  • 49:06 Worlds Locked in North America

The Hyper Voice #33 - I’ll Have A Number Six

May 19, 2017

Order up! Aaron Traylor is here to help us cover the Virginia and Toronto Regionals, as well as the Korean National Championship. We also touch on the final upcoming International and the reality of the big six in Pokemon.

  • 00:00 Attendance
  • 12:00 Virginia Regional
  • 26:24 Korean National
  • 43:53 Toronto Regional

The Hyper Voice #32 - Pineapple Power

May 12, 2017

Ashton Cox joins us on The Hyper Voice after emerging victorious at the Latin American International Championship! We talk about his experiences at that tournament, the qualification level adjustments for Worlds, and the North American International in a rather fruitful episode.

  • 00:00 Brazil & Fruit
  • 06:33 The Event
  • 13:40 Path to Victory
  • 31:24 Bar Crawl
  • 45:20 North America International
  • 58:33 Question

The Hyper Voice #31 - Unlocking Some Respect

April 25, 2017

Randy Kwa joins us to discuss the Japan Cup and sportsmanship in the game. While you may not realize it, your actions at tournaments are always being closely monitored, so be on your best behavior. Finally, secrets are revealed about 2011 US Nationals during a brief roar of time segment.

  • 00:00 Japan Cup
  • 06:47 Sportsmanship
  • 11:30 Handshakes & Respect
  • 30:33 Good Luck, Talking, Headphones
  • 42:24 Latin America International
  • 46:09 2011 Roar of Time

The Hyper Voice #30 - Duck Hunt

April 15, 2017

Joshua Lorcy and Grant Weldon are here to discuss the Salt Lake City Regional and various aspects about the circuit's structure. Getting ready for a major tournament can be stressful, so we also provide some insight into how to approach preparation in Pokemon.

  • 00:00 Salt Lake City Regional
  • 18:05 Tournament Structure
  • 25:55 Season Structure
  • 41:34 Preparation

The Hyper Voice #29 - Survival of the Fattest

April 7, 2017

Leonard Craft III joins the show to share his extensive knowledge about effort values, a crucial element in competitive Pokemon. We talk about speed as well as setting offensive and defensive goals for your EV spreads, which can all prove vital to your success. Finally, we close with the metagame and answer your questions.

  • 00:00 Effort Values
  • 18:08 Speed Control
  • 28:10 Staying Alive
  • 45:25 Metagame
  • 58:48 Questions

The Hyper Voice #28 - Frost Breath of the Wild

April 1, 2017

Hey! Listen! Can you think of any link between Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda? In this episode, we venture off on an epic side quest to solve this puzzle. Our answer is to just go run around and soar above the rest without trying to scrub out.

  • 00:00 Old Games
  • 26:45 New Games
  • 38:06 Bewear Spoilers