The Hyper Voice #15 - Road to London

December 7, 2016

All paths lead to Europe as the Pokemon world is about to storm London for the first International Championship ever held. Diana Bros joins the cast to help us put the pieces together so early in the Alola Pokedex format. Due to its significance, we pretty much discuss the heavily stacked International the entire time. The first major event of the season is finally here, so get ready for some extremely exciting action!

  • 00:00 Last Fall Regional
  • 02:55 Stream Team
  • 05:52 Overall Time & Sudden Death
  • 14:10 Early Metagame
  • 32:42 Players
  • 43:58 Questions about the International
  • 51:10 Game Growth
  • 54:41 The next Pachirisu?

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