The Hyper Voice #23 - Eeveelution’s the Solution

February 24, 2017

Giovanni Costa provides a boost to the show as we discuss the Anaheim Regional, the ONOG Invitational, and all sorts of fun things about the Internationals. On a related note, don't forget to have fun playing Pokemon! The CP Train is leaving the station so hop on for this week's episode.

  • 00:00 ONOG Invitational
  • 12:53 Travel Awards are Here
  • 21:13 All Aboard
  • 32:42 Fun with Eevee
  • 48:04 Anaheim Regional
  • 57:38 Big Summer Announcements

The Hyper Voice #22 - Desert Palace

February 9, 2017

Justin Crubaugh joins us on The Hyper Voice to talk about an Online Competition and a new resource in QR Code Teams. We also cover our recent MSS and the International happening in Melbourne in just a few short weeks.

  • 00:00 February's Online Competition
  • 09:03 QR Code Teams Available
  • 15:49 Illinois MSS
  • 36:56 Tournament Play
  • 44:11 Structure of Internationals

The Hyper Voice #21 - Save Tapu Bulu!

February 2, 2017

Tommy Cooleen joins the cast this week as we discuss new forums, NPA, and Pokemon Bank. We then take a look at Battle Spot usage stats and the current CP standings roughly halfway through the season.

  • 00:00 NPA Season 6
  • 12:00 Pokemon Bank Released
  • 20:19 Battle Spot Usage
  • 32:30 Stacking Fairies
  • 42:03 Season Standings Update
  • 53:08 Tapu Bulu

The Hyper Voice #20 - Our Time Now

January 25, 2017

Jake Muller makes an appearance as we spend a majority of this episode talking about time and the Internationals. We try to pinpoint where the North American International might be held and also cover other things related to the current format.

  • 00:00 Over in England
  • 03:42 Melbourne Challenge
  • 10:13 Favorite Thing About the Format
  • 15:43 All About Clocks
  • 31:54 A Notable Duo
  • 41:22 International Locations



The Hyper Voice #19 - The Imprisoning War

January 20, 2017

Chris Danzo hops on the show to discuss the Georgia and Germany Regionals and several of the metagame changes. Even though VGC 2017 is in full swing, some key parts are still missing. Pokemon Bank remains in hiding but at least the third International Championship has been revealed.

  • 00:00 Going Down to Georgia
  • 10:53 Powerful Fairy Moves
  • 17:52 Attendance
  • 22:38 Taste of Germany
  • 28:47 Stranger Things
  • 39:37 What's Different?
  • 57:56 Bank & Brazil

The Hyper Voice #18 - Order of the Fini

January 5, 2017

Happiny New Year! We're back with a short recap of the Dallas Regional that occurred over the holidays. We talk about some of the players and Pokemon they used to find success. Time to get the show rolling in 2017!

  • 00:00 A New Year
  • 05:27 Dallas Regional
  • 16:51 Bug Wars
  • 24:12 Dealing with Kartana



The Hyper Voice #17 - Spider in my Trick Room

December 23, 2016

Regional Champion Gavin Michaels joins the cast to talk about his recent victory in San Jose. We ask him about his team building process, some of his matches at the tournament, and the growth of competitive Pokemon. The focus then shifts to how you are qualifying for Worlds and why that might matter in the end.

  • 00:00 Gavin's Team
  • 15:32 The Rematch
  • 22:31 Team Building Adjustments
  • 25:55 Move Choices & Underrated Pokemon
  • 36:42 Keeping Time, Keeping Players
  • 46:33 Melbourne & Worlds



The Hyper Voice #16 - One and London! Europe International Recap

December 14, 2016

The 2017 metagame begins to take shape as Europe's International is in the books. We discuss the events that unfolded in London and try to shed some light on where the format is heading. Signs are pointing in all directions and we don't have a map, so join The Hyper Voice as we explore the unexplored as well as review top performing Pokemon.

  • 00:00 London Results
  • 07:04 The Tournament
  • 17:08 Wild Metagame
  • 31:10 Trick Roomers
  • 38:34 Gluttony
  • 43:06 Underutilized Ultra Beasts
  • 55:21 Spotlight on San Jose

The Hyper Voice #15 - Road to London

December 7, 2016

All paths lead to Europe as the Pokemon world is about to storm London for the first International Championship ever held. Diana Bros joins the cast to help us put the pieces together so early in the Alola Pokedex format. Due to its significance, we pretty much discuss the heavily stacked International the entire time. The first major event of the season is finally here, so get ready for some extremely exciting action!

  • 00:00 Last Fall Regional
  • 02:55 Stream Team
  • 05:52 Overall Time & Sudden Death
  • 14:10 Early Metagame
  • 32:42 Players
  • 43:58 Questions about the International
  • 51:10 Game Growth
  • 54:41 The next Pachirisu?

The Hyper Voice #14 - Thankful for Sun & Moon Updates

November 23, 2016

Welcome to Alola! There is a lot to be grateful for with the arrival of Sun and Moon. Many features within the games have received updates but we are here to talk about changes to old Pokemon themselves. In addition to covering abilities, attacks, and stats, we provide our first weather forecast for the new format.

  • 00:00 Giving Thanks
  • 18:02 We Were Wrong About Ditto
  • 25:21 Old Ability Changes
  • 33:07 Attacks
  • 40:07 Stats
  • 50:13 Weather Abilities